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In early 2000, a futurist, technology freak and Public Practitioner known by the name Andrew Noble embarked on a world-wide search for the holy-grail of offshore shared services. After a few failed attempts of working with existing models developed in foreign countries, he came close to quitting, resigned to the fact that he may have to process journals, enter data and compile financial statements for the rest of his accounting life. Finally, he was approached by a rare individual – known as Madhavan Boobalan. A risk taker and up and coming leader in Chennai (India) accounting circles. Boobalan not only understood Andrew’s vision from day one, he also had access to a mathematical human talent pool with the innate ability to service the international business space.

Today, AccSource is a diverse bunch of accounting professionals whose sole purpose in life is to make your complex business world a lot easier. No number is too big or small. So if you are a small company or a big organisation, we are here to take care of your numbers for you.

We are a premier accounting outsourcing enterprise which offers services to public accounting firms in practice as well as to independent business enterprises.

Why, you ask, would you want to hire us? So that you have more time to do what you are good at – making money from your business. Leave the accounting to us. Isn’t that a peaceful proposition? Giving us your accounting work can lead to reduced operating costs and better efficiency. It puts the focus back on where your core competencies lie, so that you have enough time and resources to concentrate on them.


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